Welcome to BNI HUB Networking Gold Coast!

BNI Hub Business Networking Gold Coast is a Gold Coast networking group that meets for breakfast at the Palmer Colonial Golf Club in Robina at 7am every Wednesday.

BNI is the largest business networking organisation in the world, and BNI Hub is the largest and fastest growing BNI networking chapter on the Gold Coast! Our Gold Coast business breakfasts normally run from 7am till 8:30am, giving you plenty of time to get to work and/or start your business day afterwards by 9am.
There is only 1 representative per industry for our business networking group, which means none of your competitors can also join the group! With approximately 40 current members/fields there's plenty of opportunity to pass on referrals to other members and have them do the same for you. Last year over $3 million in business transactions were closed due to referrals given in our Gold Coast business networking group and this year we are looking to hit the $4 million mark!
The more members join the group, the more referrals are exchanged and the more business we all stand to make. So join our exclusive club today :-)

Gold Coast networking at it's finest! Join us for FREE as a guest this Wednesday

Simply fill in your name and email on the right and hit go! Provided your service/industry does not conflict or compete with any of the fields of our current members (please refer to our current members page), then we will get in touch and invite you to join us at our next breakfast. Please note, you are able to attend up to 2 of our weekly Gold Coast networking events at the Palmer Colonial Gold Club free of charge (except for the $22 cost for breakfast), where you will be introduced to our friendly current members and you can see how our fun group operates. You will also be explained about our membership options and after the 2 obligation-free visits as a guest, you'll be asked if you wish to submit an application.

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